My name is Anxhelo Lushka, I’m a UX Developer and DevOps Engineer, graduated in computer engineering and a heavy open source user and advocate. I contribute to FOSS projects, such as Fedora, LibreOffice, OpenStreetMap and many more. I am a member of Open Labs Hackerspace, the first hackerspace in Albania, founded in 2012. I am also a Fedora Ambassador and a Document Foundation member.

In this website I will showcase my best works over time and some articles I write related to events I’ve organized/participated in, security and privacy in general, tips and tricks etc.

During the past 6 years I have organized tens of events and conferences such as OSCAL (Open Source Conference Albania), LibreOffice Conference and more.




You can contact me through various services. A few of them are presented below. Keep in mind I don’t use encrypted emails (GPG/PGP) so if you want a more secure way to contact me use the other apps.