Privacy Today Logo

Privacy Today is an initiative where people talk about all things privacy, open source, libre philosophy and more! I created this main logo and the variations below it to represent this group; the eye in the logo stands for the current stance of the Internet where everything is under surveillance meanwhile the P stands for, you guessed it, "Privacy".
You can join the channel by pressing the image above and the group by clicking this link.


Passman is an innovative, opensource password manager for Nextcloud. Store your passwords safely with millitary grade encryption (AES-256bit). I helped create the logo and graphics for their website.


Codeaholics was part of Rails Girls Summer of Code, working on the Nextcloud project for the Contacts app. I created their logo and social media images they have used during their scholarship.

Free Software Activity Day Milano

An international line-up to find out that Open Source is not just for a selected few, but it is an inclusive creative process: accessible to everyone and where it's important that everyone participates. I created their brand for the entire event, starting with the logo, typography and social media images.