Install uBlock Origin#

If you use some other Adblocker, such as AdBlock Plus or “AdBlock”, delete it before installing uBlock Origin.

Recommended settings#



  • Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP addresses
  • Block CSP reports


Keep in mind, that some browsers do not support these features, such as Safari.



To use the lists below, right click and select “Subscribe to filter list”

Advanced (Blocks annoyances)#

For mobile users:

Stuff may more likely break if you enable these lists:

Additional lists:

My personal lists#

Built in (6/7)#

  • uBlock filters
  • uBlock filters – Annoyances
  • uBlock filters – Badware risks
  • uBlock filters – Privacy
  • uBlock filters – Resource abuse
  • uBlock filters – Unbreak

Ads section (3/4)#

  • Adblock Warning Removal List
  • Adguard Base Filters
  • EasyList

Privacy (3/3)#

  • Adguard Spyware Filters
  • EasyPrivacy
  • Fanboy’s Enhanced Tracking List

Malware Domains (3/4)#

  • Malware Domain List
  • Malware domains
  • Spam404

Annoyances (5/6)#

  • AdGuard Annoyances filter
  • AdGuard Social Media filter
  • Anti-Facebook List
  • Fanboy’s Cookie List
  • Fanboy’s Annoyance List

Multipurpose (2/4)#

  • Dan Pollock’s hosts file
  • Peter Lowe’s Ad and tracking server list

Custom (21)#