Install uBlock Origin#

If you use some other Adblocker, such as AdBlock Plus or “AdBlock”, delete it before installing uBlock Origin.

Recommended settings#


  • Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP addresses
  • Block CSP reports

Keep in mind, that some browsers do not support these features, such as Safari.


Advanced (Blocks annoyances)#

For mobile users:

Stuff may more likely break if you enable these lists:

Additional lists:

My personal lists#

Built in (6/7)#

  • uBlock filters
  • uBlock filters – Annoyances
  • uBlock filters – Badware risks
  • uBlock filters – Privacy
  • uBlock filters – Resource abuse
  • uBlock filters – Unbreak

Ads section (3/4)#

  • Adblock Warning Removal List
  • Adguard Base Filters
  • EasyList

Privacy (3/3)#

  • Adguard Spyware Filters
  • EasyPrivacy
  • Fanboy’s Enhanced Tracking List

Malware Domains (3/4)#

  • Malware Domain List
  • Malware domains
  • Spam404

Annoyances (5/6)#

  • AdGuard Annoyances filter
  • AdGuard Social Media filter
  • Anti-Facebook List
  • Fanboy’s Cookie List
  • Fanboy’s Annoyance List

Multipurpose (2/4)#

  • Dan Pollock’s hosts file
  • Peter Lowe’s Ad and tracking server list

Custom (21)#